My name is Kelsey, I’m a wife of one, dog mom of a German Shepherd Corgy mix (yes its a thing), and I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I’m a passionate world traveler, lover of old art, and people everywhere. When it comes to food you’ll find few that love a good sauce as much as me. I’m always sneaking into kitchens in my travels and asking cooks and chefs just how they made that Chimichurri, or that Sichuan numbing paste complementing a  massive bowl of noodles.

I’ve made this site as a collection of my thoughts, and photos as my travels progress. If you’re interested strictly in photos, check out the Facebook page by clicking here. If you dig deeper into the archives on this site, you’ll find some of the scribblings of my past travel to China. I hope to keep this page running with new content as I continue to travel across the globe. You’re welcome to snoop. 😉