Running in and through Napa, California

My company opted to run the Ragnar Relay from San Fransisco to Napa, California. When my friends suggested running in it two years ago I thought the idea of running nearly 200 miles divided amongst 12 people with no sleep was surely torture masked as a fitness challenge. However when the offer came to be flown out to California to run from the SF to Napa, aka wine country, the madness suddenly became far more appealing. I mean the words “free” and “Napa” never occur in a serious sentence, but there we were it happened. So I trained… like crazy. Correction, like crazy for a person that doesn’t run. I won’t claim that my training was similar to those I know who have competed in IronMan triathlons.

In general I love to sit when I exercise, ie cycling in all its forms. Running has never been my strong suit, the 1- mile run in school was always a killer, but there I was needing to be able to run 12 miles in 3 various legs. 2 during the day and 1 in the middle of the night.

So the day of the race arrived without incident or injury. We started at Golden Gate Park, across the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito,  Petaluma, Sonoma and lastly Napa.

The team was amped and ready to go


All of us were stoked and ready to go, but it was more than a little daunting because it seemed like everyone else was really prepared and seemed to have done this before. Enter in my struggle with my tag. The guys said it looked like a cape.  In their defense it did when I was walking swiftly. You can be the judge.

IMG_4883 2

The fog was really dense that morning as we skirted around the Mission toward the Golden Gate Bridge.







The wonderful Sasulito

Sunrise in Napa below


Wine tasting at Stag’s Leap

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